2016 Chateau Kamnik Single Vineyard Temjanika • 0.75 l • White

The wine is marked with a brilliant and tender haylike yellow color. The charm of this wine is revealed through its elegant and sensual aroma, typical for the variety. The fruit aromas of peach and tropical fruits prevail and are complemented with spicy undertones of white flowers and elder. The taste is medium-bodied, with a nice, harmonious freshness and with a long fruity and spicy aftertaste.

Enjoy this wine as an aperitif or combined with light starters, salads or Asian cuisine specialties. This wine can also be a perfect match with assorted cookies and fruit pies.

Dry warm summers. In the winter it can sometimes be very cold with at times a lot of winter snowfall. The nearby mountains regularize the temperatures and bring coolness in the summer and keep the soil warmer in the winter.

A total of 17 ha of vineyard formed by a series of hills with a minimum height of 300m. Located in the Vardar Valley. Southern exhibition. Poor sandy soils with limestone in the substrate and rolled boulders in the upper layer.

A premium aromatic white wine made 100% from Temjanika grapes. The vinification starts immediately after harvest and it begins with the white varieties as they are first ripe. The processes of vinification takes place in special inox tanks and wooden vats. In order to achieve proper kinetics of the fermentation, each tank and vat is separately controlled and monitored for temperature, with data being graphically displayed several times a day.