2017 Chateau Kamnik Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc • 0.75 l • White

This wine is marked with a specific green-yellow color and crystal clearness. The nose is varietal, revealing tender vegetative notes as a blend of citrus and tropical fruits. The taste is medium-bodied, with a typical freshness, mineral undertones and with a pleasant and harmonious aftertaste.

Enjoy this wine chilled to 8-10°C, combined with fresh seafood, salmon starters, green salads and chicken meat specialties.

The vineyards are located on the hills with a southern slope exposition. The surrounding mountains enable excellent microclimatic preconditions for the vines.

The moderately fertile soil is characterized by a rich mineral composition.

An estate bottled wine, produced 100% from the Sauvignon Blanc variety. The vinification starts immediately after harvest and it begins with the white varieties as they are first ripe. The processes of vinification takes place in special inox tanks and wooden vats. In order to achieve proper kinetics of the fermentation, each tank and vat is separately controlled and monitored for temperature, with data being graphically displayed several times a day.