2017 Chateau Kamnik Single Vineyard Chardonnay • 0.75 l • White

100% Chardonnay. Nice light yellow-green color. Lightly toasted nose with hints of pineapple, nectarine, brioche and a fine hint of wood shavings. Wood and fruit are perfectly matched. The final is measured and noble and ends with a refreshing touch of citrus.

Serve with hearty fish dishes with accompanying sauce, poultry or other white meat, pasta with mushrooms, medium to long-aged cheeses and vegetarian dishes with pumpkin.

Dry warm summers. In the winter it can sometimes be very cold with at times a lot of winter snowfall. The nearby mountains regularize the temperatures and bring coolness in the summer and keep the soil warmer in the winter.

A total of 17 ha of vineyard formed by a series of hills with a minimum height of 300m. Located in the Vardar Valley. Southern exhibition. Poor sandy soils with limestone in the substrate and rolled boulders in the upper layer.

The grapes are picked by hand and undergo a classical fermentation on stainless steel vessels followed by malolactic fermentation. This is followed by a short ripening on new French oak.