2019 Arte Noble Viña Requingua Sauvignon Blanc • 0.75 l • Blanco

Appearance: Pale yellow with green hues. Nose: Intense citrus notes, freshly cut grass and asparagus Taste: fresh and juicy palate, medium-bodied and herbal character. Fresh yet exotic. Lime and peach take the upperhand in it’s dry finish.

Raw shellfish with green sauce.

These vineyards are located slightly closer to the Pacific Ocean and therefore receive coastal breezes that help keeping cool temperatures during summer. Annual rainfall averages about 600 millimeters (23.6 inches) concentrated in winter months.

Alluvial soil consisting out of sandy loam with a rocky surface.

Year of plantation: 1990 - Trellising system: Vertical Shoot Positioned trellis - Density: 3,330 plants/hectare (1,350 plants/acre) - Yield: 16 tons/hectare (6.5 metric tons/acre) - Harvest method: Hand picking, with double selection in vineyard, in the last week of February. - Soil: Shallow alluvial soils of sandy loam, brownish-gray, rocky; subsoil composed of boulders and rounded rocks in sandy matrix. - Fermentation: Starts with active dry yeast (Cerevisiae). Fermentation developed with minimal aeration to protect the wine from oxidation. Temperature: 14 ° C -16°C - Storage: Wine is kept with the lees in stainless steel tanks for 2 to 3 months before bottling.